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Instagram-Famous Teen Takes Stunning Photos of NYC

A photo posted by Ryan Parrilla (@novess) on

Ryan Parrilla's made a name for himself as a prodigal photographer of life both on and above the streets of New York City. At just 16 years old, Padilla (better known as @novess) has amassed 93,000 Instagram followers who check in from the world over to ogle his photographs that depict everything from streetscapes to new vantages of the city's skyline. It isn't only the Instagram community that's noticed Parrilla: the photographer's first solo show opened on August 4 in the lobby of Midtown's Roaylton Hotel. In New York In The Sky, Parrilla's photographs will make the leap from the small screen to the dimensions they deserve. "People need to see these photos blown up, because on a mobile platform, it's not enough to see the beauty," Parrilla told the Post.

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