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Inside the 1913 Ford Factory That Could Become BuzzFeed's Massive New Home in Downtown LA

The Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles has gone from expensive-but-lowkey neighborhood to trendy playground of opulence, attracting swanky private club SoHo House, a high-end open air mall, and tons of creative office space. And, rumored to be sliding right into the middle of it all is very wealthy media company BuzzFeed—according to "people familiar with the talks," BF is considering renting up an entire old Ford factory on the edge of the AD, the Wall Street Journal reports. The building is lovely and has a pretty interesting history; it sold last year and is now in the process of getting a ritzy makeover for office tenants.

Having that much space—250,000 square feet in the entire five-story building—would put Buzzfeed among the largest startups in LA in terms of office footprint. (Netflix just scored 200,000 square feet in Hollywood. Today BF is spread out around Hollywood and Fairfax.) It's supposedly not the only possible choice for a future Buzzfeed HQ (although rumors have been swirling for ages), but what's not to love here? The old Ford complex is already a lovely building and is set to undergo a major renovation that will transform it into hip offices with street-level retail space where BuzzFeeders can spend all that listicle cash.

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