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Clever Ikea Hacks Create Lovely Live-Work Loft for Just $75K

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For a husband and wife pair of artists in Los Angeles, local firm CHA:COL has hacked a bunch of Ikea furniture—cabinetry, storage units, and tables—to create a modern, airy live-work space for the duo. Clocking in at 1,465 square feet, the Toy Loft—as it's called—occupies space in a circa-1924 former warehouse and toy factory (hence the project's name) in the city's Arts District that in 2006 developers converted into residential units. The Ikea hacking comes in handy in the once undivided, cavernous space, providing a central plywood-and-fiberboard volume with shelving, drawers, and cubbies for files, books, and other office goods. Its stacked arrangement also provides a staircase of sorts to secondary sleeping quarters (a more private master bedroom of sorts is tucked underneath). An open-plan kitchen and living room are also on offer. According to Dezeen, the whole project cost about $75,000. Check it out!

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