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How Many Stuffed Animal Heads Are Too Many?

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This $7.6 million "Mountain Lodge luxury estate" in Trade, Tennessee raises the age-old question: Is there a cutoff for the number of taxidermied animal heads that one should have lining the walls of one's Mountain Loge luxury estate? Also, at what point do you start to feel like they're all staring at you with malice, plotting your demise?

How about this?

This has got to be too many, right?

At a certain point it's like, what even are those? Is that a chair made out of deer antlers? Next to a trash can filled with surplus deer antlers?

Somewhere there's a young girl who stays the same age while that painting ages. And she's probably stuffing some wild animal heads.

Oh, turns out this was a bedroom. Sure.

Just couldn't resist, could we?

"Ahhhhhh!" —that mountain lion, or whatever it is

This room doesn't have any animals, but it does have what appears to be a sacrificial altar, which makes sense.

This room seems completely restrained, by comparison.

When the animals come alive, there will be nobody to hear you scream.
· Listing: 1051 Modock Rd [Zillow]