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This Illinois Mansion With a Guitar-Shaped Indoor Pool Is Somehow a Real Thing

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It's difficult to know where to begin with this seven-bed, seven-bath, five-fireplace mansion in Joliet, Illinois, which hit the market a few weeks ago with an asking price of $1.225 million. In fact, here is just a list of things that are ridiculous about it:

· There is a bathtub in the master bedroom, which also features wall-to-wall carpeting.
· Multiple bedrooms feature tiered floors, seemingly for no reason.
· The (enormous) indoor pool is shaped exactly like the body of an acoustic guitar, which is not mentioned in the listing.
· The listing does mention, however, that there is "Space to install tennis court."
· The listing also notes, "Helicopter Pad!"
· Also, "Yard can seat 300 people!" Why are we seating people in the yard?
· Everything about the main living area.
· One room is painted navy blue (floor and ceiling) with blue wall-to-wall carpeting, and at this point it seems petty to even bring that up.

· Listing: 4 Eden Ln, Joliet, IL [Zillow]