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There Is Now a Robot That Can Lay Bricks

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As we continue our unrelenting march toward a future where robots do everything (except blogging—we'll always need bloggers), New York-based Construction Robotics has created a semi-automated mason, a.k.a. SAM, that can lay bricks like a human, but better because it doesn't get tired. It's currently a little pricier than human labor, though, running $500,000 per robot. And while it's conceivable that this type of invention could eventually put a lot of people out of work, its creators claim that it will not do away with the need for human involvement as an actual mason will still need to be on hand (or, on robotic claw) to make sure that the robot isn't messing anything up, just the part where humans have to lift heavy things.
· SAM the bricklaying robot could be yours for $500,000 [GCR]