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Is This Apartment Too White or a Meditative Dream?

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Fanning out from a series of balustrade-free central stairs, this open-plan apartment in Valencia, Spain, surely won't be everyone's cup of tea, but we kind of dig it anyway. Built within an existing 1940s building, the flat is a residence for Spanish furniture maker José Gandía-Blasco, on the same site as his eponymous company's Spanish manufacturing center. Local firm Borja Garcia used white concrete and a stark, minimalist aesthetic in the five-story pad, designing a double-height living room and a series of lounge areas adorned with the company's textiles and archival photographs. A swimming pool in the courtyard—for use by the employees—has a descending flight of stairs, in an inversion of the interior stairs. While the overlap of work and private life is interesting, it is really the eerie Escher-esque staircase that makes the place worth a second look. Let us know in the comments: Are these all-white interiors oppressive or a meditative dream?

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