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Buy This Big Red Seattle-Area Farm for Just Under $2M

It's a farm so the barn is going to be red. So is the farmhouse, the arena, the stables, and any outbuilding on the property. At least that much paint should qualify for a volume discount. Fortunately, they painted tastefully, with broad white trim on the doors and windows. Rustica Farm on Bainbridge is up for sale; so, if you really like red, or really want to farm, or really like both, check to see if you can really afford $1,995,000 for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with lots of other buildings spread across ~ 25 acres. There's a barn and an arena; so there's places for the horses (or whatever) to be private sometimes and public other times. Beside that is a pasture, naturally, though either the horses are amazing, or fencing just became a major play pen because the only things in it in the photos are a volleyball net, a trampoline, and maybe a basketball hoop.

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