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Bay Area Behemoths: 10 Homes More Than 21,000 Square Feet

In San Francisco, where space is at a premium, many people would consider homes tipping the scale at 4,000 square feet to be roomy. But Joel Goodrich, a luxury real estate agent, found that there are 15 homes in the Bay Area that weigh in at more than 19,000 square feet—you just have to know where to look (hint: Hillsborough). Today, Goodrich has released his latest real estate report, which includes a list of these mansions compiled by writer Damion Matthews by analyzing data from tax and MLS records. The information is both fascinating and entertaining. (After all, isn't it fun to dream about a 20-car garage?) Goodrich and Matthews came up with the idea after noticing that none of the top 10 largest homes in the United States were located in Northern California. They decided to bring down to a local level.

Asked if he thinks more mega-mansions could be forthcoming, Goodrich said it's not likely. "The culture here is different and though we still have extraordinary examples of grand classic architecture, people are more understated, so mega-mansions are simply not part of the culture," he says. But in his report, he notes that one in the top 10 is on the market (10 Serenity Ln. in Alamo, asking $42M), so if you need much, much, much, more space (it's 26,739 square feet), this is your chance.

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