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You Can Rent This Idyllic Finnish Floating Sauna-Cabin

Photos by Saunalautta via <a href="">Inhabitat</a>.
Photos by Saunalautta via Inhabitat.

Scandinavian design has a bit of a love affair with the great outdoors, out of reach for so much of the year. For proof, look no further than this rugged, concrete summer house or this 96-square-foot cabin. But what of wintertime outdoor pursuits? Enter Saunalautta, a floating, multi-story cabin equipped with a sauna that reaches 194 degrees Fahrenheit.The timber cabin is made mobile via an outboard motor affixed to its base of plastic drums. A private sauna is a good idea: According to Inhabitat, there are 5.3 million saunas across Finland, but it does sound rather nice to sweat it out in the privacy of one's own steam room. A hammock, barbecue, and rooftop observation tower are also on offer. Perhaps the best part is that it's available for rent, should you find yourself in Finland, and desirous of such a retreat.

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