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Idaho's Tamarack Resort Will Open 100 Acres of Hike-to Terrain

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Tamarack Resort, near Donnelly, Idaho, is reopening 100 acres of its Wildwood trail area to those willing to earn their turns. Closed in 2009 after a lift was removed, the new resort operator, Relay Resorts, which took over in 2014, has decided to open a section of Wildwood that allows for a short hike to the top and an easy exit back to the lifts. Unlike some of the other hike-to options at Tamarack, this section is inside the resort boundary and will be monitored by ski patrol.

Being in-bounds and easy to access makes Wildwood an ideal spot for new hikers and those working up to the terrain accessed beyond Tamarack's south and north backcountry gates, which serve up plenty of out-of-bounds turns.

To access the reopened section, skiers will hike from the top of the Enigma trail to the top of Wildwood and exit partway down to catch the Waltz trail back to the lifts.

Tamarack has put together a video series of this season's improvements, including the Wildwood reopening.

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