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The iPad Pro: Boon or Bane for Architects and Designers?

In its most recent (predictably massive, flashy) launch event on Wednesday, all-powerful Apple announced its long-rumored iPad Pro—more about which, if you're so inclined, you can read about here. So what does this mean, if anything, for architects, who have, since the iPad's inception in 2010, toted the sleek tablets around to presentations and meetings? Well, according to a piece over on ArchDaily, it means quite a bit. For one, the new iPad comes with a stylus, contrary to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs's declaration that if Apple ever went into the stylus game, they "blew it."

The stylus—being trumpeted by Apple as not-your-average digital writing tool, but a hyper-sensitive alternative capable of pinpointing a single pixel—will allow for simultaneous use of your finger and the writing device. The new iPad and it's operating system will support the use of more than one app at a time. So, if Architect Janae Doe wants to have Autodesk and Safari open at once, she can. She'll also have use of faster graphics processors and great support for Adobe products. Check out ArchDaily's full story and sound off in the comments!

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