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Super Trippy Building Looks Like a Massive Computer Glitch

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For the new House of Electronic Arts exhibition and events venue in Basel, Switzerland, Zurich-based art collective !Mediengruppe Bitnik created a facade treatment that's a bit subtler than architectural illusions we've seen before but still marvelously trippy. Referencing the institution's focus on digital arts, the artists essentially transposed the familiar computer glitch onto the face of the building. There, disjointed bands of multifarious hues have become misaligned columns and zig-zaggy paint jobs.

In an interview with Hopes & Fears, the artists describe their design process, which includes taking a photo of the building from 200 meters away and writing software to manipulate the image. As it turns out, this intervention is not only a provocative visual experience, but has also prompted people to pause and think about how buildings work. Artist Carmen Weisskopf says that at the opening for the work, guests were asking questions like "Where does the water go now?" (since the glitch design cut out the usual gutters.)

The video below shows how the piece came together.

· H3333333K (2015) [!Mediengruppe Bitnik via Hopes & Fears]