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7 Things You Missed on Social Media Last Week

Welcome to Curbed's new weekly round-up of architecture and design on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and (god forbid) even LinkedIn. Collected from retweets, intra-office chats, and, well, anything that sent us into a 140-character tizzy, this is what Curbed editors actually read last week. Please be in touch if you have a recommendation for next week.


A photo posted by Iwan Baan (@iwanbaan) on

Architectural lensman Iwan Baan's latest travels have taken him across the U.S., with stops in Kansas City, Missouri, San Francisco, and more. We were particularly smitten last week with this snap by Baan of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The low-ceilinged, nest-like living room's beauty is on full display here, with a geometric, pastel carpet and handsome, muscular furniture that are some of the hallmarks of Wrightian design.


I'm like : Shall i hang it here? And the trooper just : WTF are you doing man?!

A photo posted by Medister (@medisterkake) on

We don't know much (read: anything) about this Swedish gentleman who has over 7,000 followers on Instagram, but this editor is among those coming back again and again to check in on the status of his renovations and interior decor choices. A self-described "music, HiFi, furniture, stormtroopers, and Lego," his decor style is a mix of tasteful midcentury modern furnishings, typographic tchotchkes, and brilliant gnomes, stromtroopers (as promised), toy cars, and other whimsical ephemera. It's a high-low mix that's basically the best. Check it out!


Okay—this isn't from a traditional social media platform per se, but hear us out. Tokyo-based designer Alex Knezo of eponymous firm Alex Knezo Studio, has a call out on fundraising site Kickstarter—a social media platform in the traditional sense—to raise money and awareness about a typeface he's developed. It's called Diurne and it's very. cool. We won't do it full justice, so just click on through.


New York's Guggenheim Museum is mounting an exhibition of the work of abstract painter Charles Pollock (older brother to a little-known artist by the name of Jackson Pollock) and it looks promising. He is not to be confused with the American industrial designer Charles Pollock (creator of the "executive chair" that bares his name). Now you know!


Curbed critic Alexandra Lange paid a visit to the Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography in New York on the 14th anniversary of the September 11th attacks and came across this graphic identity for the original Twin Towers. It's a simple, Escher-esque abstraction made haunting (and, likely, more beautiful) by history. Take a look.


It was architect Rudolph Schindler's birthday last week! We wrote up a little something and brought you several of the finest recent Instagrams of his residential design work in California, but we did not include this fine snap from a Swedish tourist in Cali (there are those Swedes again!).


Speaking of birthdays, today, September 14, is the birthday of none other than Pritzker Prize-winning Italian architect Renzo Piano. To celebrate, please look at this Instagram and read Alexandra Lange's piece on his new building for the Whitney Museum.

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