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Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Collection Hits the Runway During Fashion Week

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Frank Lloyd Wright created some intriguing outliers throughout his career: a mile-high skyscraper, a proposed Middle Eastern capital, even gas stations. But he somehow never got around to a spring fashion collection. That didn't stop Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of the fashion label Opening Ceremony from creating a Wright-themed collection for New York's Fashion Week. Yesterday during their runway show, models walked amid a living set inspired by Wright's organic gardens and concept of a dream home, as well as the clothing designs of his daughter Iovanna, a constume designer. Clothing inspired by his designs included basket weave dresses, asymmetrical tops and Bonsai tree images layered on silk dresses and T-shirts. The duo collaborated with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation on the project, the latest in a line of theatrical shows, which included a gallery stage showcasing portraits from director Spike Jonze and a chocolate wall. The highlight of this show may have been a seeming stumble by the models, which was revealed to be a choreographed dance. No word if we can expect more fashionable interpretations of Wright's work in the future. Perhaps a pork pie hat resurgence is forthcoming.

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