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Abandoned Wooden Spacecraft Is Due to Be Converted Into...Something

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Wood might not seem like the best material to construct a spaceship out of, but this one, constructed by the Soviets during the Space Race and left to rot in an airfield for more than two decades, was only used as a wind tunnel model, so it probably worked fine. These days, not so much. The spacecraft is severely decayed, and that only means that it's ripe for conversion into...something. Something cool. Colossal suggest a children's playground feature, which is certainly a fine idea, though we've seen similarly abandoned vehicles transformed into homes and even hotels. (This one might be a little small for a hotel, though.) If anyone is around the Zhukovsky airfield and wants to take on this project, it looks like it could be started for pretty cheap.

· This Giant Abandoned Soviet Spaceship Made of Wood Looks Like the Ultimate Children's Playground Feature [Colossal]