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Vacation Home Extension Gives Retirees a Place to Entertain

Photos by <a href="">Alicia Taylor</a> via <a href="">Dezeen</a>.
Photos by Alicia Taylor via Dezeen.

We can't get enough of innovative Australian residential designs, from Sydney in the east to Perth in the west. Add this house extension, an addition to a timber vacation dwelling in the northern state of Queensland that accommodates a new kitchen and living room for a retired couple, to that list. Designed by Brisbane, Australia-based duo Stuart Vokes and Aaron Peters, the annex is an angular, black-painted-timber volume that juts out from the original house. Supported on one end by a single thin wooden post, the extension has an avian, lightweight look and a generally unobtrusive aesthetic meant to help it blend in with the surrounding landscape. In fact, the extension's overall shape was inspired by local natural landmarks, including volcanoes, cane fields, and the nearby Maroochy River.

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