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Go Ahead and Take a Nap in a Stranger's Truck

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In terms of a conventional wisdom, "Don't take a stranger up on his offer to go to sleep in his truck" isn't something that gets tossed around a lot, but that's probably just because it's too obvious to even say—right up there with "Don't throw yourself off a cliff" and "Don't eat anything that is a knife."

However, in the case of the this "Napmobile" from online mattress retailer Casper, it's probably safe to go ahead and lie down on one of those mattresses. It's not like Casper would create this whole elaborate plot to kidnap you and then promote it all over the internet, would they? And at lease if things go souths there's that red phone by the bed that lets you call for help—oh, wait, that's a speaker that plays "bedtime stories." Hmm...

· This Napmobile Was Designed To Sell Mattresses [Contemporist]