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Prada's New Pastry Shop Is as Swanky as You'd Imagine

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A year and a half after Prada bought majority stake in the iconic Milanese pastry shop, Pasticceria Marchesi, the Italian luxury fashion house has finally unveiled the first new location of the nearly 200-year-old establishment. This new outpost, found in the heart of Milan on Via Monte Napoleone, was designed by Italian architect Roberto Baciocchi, the same guy responsible for some two dozen ritzy Prada stores around the world. So it's nothing like the Wes Anderson-designed bar hidden in the new Fondazione Prada, but it's most certainly luxurious. Here, glistening display cases of very colorful, very tempting treats stand out against a classy backdrop of green floral silk wallpaper, green velvet armchairs, and marble-topped tables. Sweet!

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