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Why Doesn't Anyone Want This Underground Sandwich Home?

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Back-to-the-land adherents, rejoice! For whatever reason, the Sandwich earth-berm house we wrote about on Earth Day, naturally, is back on the market.

To refresh, the 2BR, 2.5BA sits on a woodsy 3.62 acre lot at 370 Quaker Meetinghouse Road (see the old listing photos with lots more peeks inside here). The latest brokerbabble sums up the eco-friendliness of the 1984 structure like so:

Unique home sited in a natural oasis of perennial gardens & woodlands providing privacy, geo-thermal efficiency & excellent potential to build an Accessory dwelling for future In-Law needs. Nestled into the hillside with walls of glass across the southern exposure, the Terra Dome structure is constructed of reinforced concrete offering outstanding insulation from the elements. The 1,740-square-foot home hit the market in early April for $449,900, but was de-listed in August. As of this week, hunkering down will cost you $439,900.
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