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This Adorable House in Chicago Could Be Yours

Sometimes when a homeowner updates an old frame house, sometimes the rehab just doesn't pair with the home's exterior or the vibe can feel too contemporary or just simply too chintzy. However, this three bedroom, two bathroom home on West Race Avenue just south of Ukrainian Village feels light, bright and refreshing. Beyond paint and refinished floors, several spaces in the house have been updated but everything flows very nicely. The kitchen is modern but utilizes the vintage sink, the home's original wood moulding is in tact isn't covered with a million layers of paint. Transportation is a little tough and it's not exactly walking distance to the some of the popular restaurants and nightlife spots in the area, but the house packs a lot of look while being totally functional. Overall, it's just a really nice home, and it's not asking a million dollars — just $575,000.

Curbed Chicago has all the photos. >>