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Some Genius Has Invented a Camera That Physically Stops You From Taking Cliche Pictures

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The great thing about the Camera Restricta, an invention from German designer Philipp Schmitt, is that it in no way encourages people to take good pictures. It simply prevents them from taking the same cliche pictures that everyone else takes, by using GPS metadata to determine if more than 35 people have taken a picture in the same location, and then, if that's the case, retracting its shutter and blocking the viewfinder so that you physically can't take another one. No helpful warning—this camera will just shut you down. It is an invention born out of pure annoyance. "A lot of people are really offended by the idea," Schmitt says. Presumably not as offended as he is by pictures of people pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, though.
· This Camera Won't Let You Take the Photo Everyone Else Does [Wired]