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Who Says Crosswalks Can't Be Fun?

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We may be entering a new age: The Age of the Fun Crosswalk. No sooner were we introduced to the (unsanctioned) crosswalk button that you can give fist bumps to, but a new breed of fun crosswalks has emerged, and this one was actually commissioned by a city. As part of the London Design Festival, three artists have created designs to turn a London street into an "Avenue of Art." Above, you can see a design from French collective EXYZT, and it is definitely fun, but the other two sound even more fun, with "a photographic image which uses anamorphosis and a new material to create an optical illusion" from photographer Morgan Silk, and, from Adam Frank, "a simple spotlight projected on to the ground, [which] triggers a spontaneous round of applause" when a pedestrian walks into it.
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