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Take a Look at Hem's Swoon-Worthy New Collection of Furniture and Decor

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All photos courtesy of Hem
All photos courtesy of Hem

Hem, the online design shop founded by former CEO Jason Goldberg, just unveiled a huge collection of new products for this fall, the largest release since its launch a year ago. While the "designy home decor" space seems to be getting more crowded every day, Hem continues to play up the high-end stuff created by leading global designers (with predictably sigh-inducing prices.) The new collection, for example, features infinitely customizable lamps by Italian designer Luca Nichetto, chain shelving from the ever-productive Tokyo firm Nendo , and very Scandi stackable wooden chairs by Norwegian designer Lars heller Fjetland.

Nichetto's Alphabeta lamps (named for its modularity, akin to letters in the alphabet), in particular, will be showcased in an exhibit at the London Design Festival at the end of this month. According to Designboom, 44 of the Alphabeta lamps will be "tethered to a grand piano, each one illuminating at the touch of the keys."

Below, a romp through the new collection.

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