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The List of Things People Lost in D.C.'s Giant Ball Pit Includes 9 Wedding Rings and a Tooth

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The BEACH, the giant ball pit for grownups at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., is now closed, which means that volunteers were able to scoured the empty pit for everything that people lost down there. Well, not quite everything, as it turns out—among the items reported missing that were not recovered were five wedding rings (four others were found) and a child's first lost tooth. Here is everything that was found in The BEACH that the Washington Post mentions in two articles on the subject:

· $433.24 in American currency
· several Euros, some loonies, some Thai money
· 31 SmarTrips
· 32 hats
· earring backs
· Lego figurine heads
· beads from broken jewelry
· one beheaded Strawberry Shortcake doll
· one cigarette butt
· one Chuck-E-Cheese token
· two guitar picks
· a book of 'Amphibians of North Carolina'
· shoes/flip-flops
· nearly 100 phones
· reading glasses/sunglasses
· Fitbits
· six selfie sticks
· enough lens caps to fill a one-gallon bag
· two pagers
· an inhaler
· wallets
· a faded bandana that the owner had been wearing for 20 years

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