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Olympic Snowboarder Justin Reiter is Suing the IOC

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U.S. Alpine snowboarder Justin Reiter is once again fighting to keep his Olympic dreams alive. The self-described underdog who famously slept in his truck and trained without a coach after the U.S. team cut funding for his discipline now faces an even greater challenge: the International Olympic Committee. To make way for events that, allegedly, will attract a younger audience, the snowboard parallel slalom, which debuted in 2014, was dropped. Reiter is suing to stop that decision, saying the IOC broke its own rules for changing events. With a legal team in Switzerland and another team in the U.S., Reiter needs your help.

On his crowdfunding page, Reiter is trying to raise $175,000, the likely cost of his legal challenge. His case rests on the IOC's own timeline for changing events, which, according to Reiter, prohibits changing a schedule within three years of an Olympic games.

After his well-documented struggle to get to Sochi, Reiter's 2014 Winter Games didn't go as planned, and he spent the finals instead cheering on his friend and former teammate, gold medalist Vic Wild, who married his Russian girlfriend and adopted her country after funding for the U.S. Alpine snowboard team was pulled. The 2018 Games would be redemption for Reiter and a chance for an athlete who's been unabashedly chasing the Olympics to turn decades of training and sacrifice into another shot at gold.

Who knows what the chances of success are for an endeavor like this; Reiter says no individual athlete has challenged the IOC before on behalf of an entire discipline. But Reiter hasn't been one to shy away from long odds.

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