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Humble Materials Make a Dramatic Design Statement at This Vacation Home

If you want to know what makes this rather humble house interesting, look up, at its roof. Located on a 15,000-square-foot plot in Khandala, a hill town near Mumbai, India, this dwelling serves as a second home for a family of four. The sloping roof splits at its center, jutting out wing-like into two pavilions, one opening to the street in the front and another towards a private backyard. In turn, it helps blur the indoors and the outdoors, forming—in the interiors—space for mezzanine levels above the kitchen and dining room. The roof also, of course, helps mitigate the heavy rain of Indian monsoon season. The residence's designers , at Mumbai based firm, Opolis Architects, were inspired by the trees in the surrounding landscape. Natural stone floors, muted colors, a tapering wood roof, and verandas providing lovely rain-drenched views of the Western Ghats of India; who would want to leave this tropical holiday home?

House in Khandala / Opolis Architects [ArchDaily]