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This All-Bamboo Office Must Be a Really Chill Place to Work

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Intended as exploration of the primordial need to simplify things, this workspace in Shenzhen, China is virtually completely made of bamboo, a low-cost, essentially unprocessed vernacular material. It clads the walls and floors. A loosely thatched bamboo false ceiling filters slims rays of light through the weave. Bamboo screens are suspended from the ceiling, partitioning the space as well as creating a sense of depth.

Designed by local firm Deve Build, the Bitter Bamboo Room is, in the architects' own words, "like a person doing penance." "The project statement continues: "[The space] also symbolizes the modesty and toughness of bamboo. We lower ourselves, and then see this world." Check it out.

· Bitter Bamboo Room/Deve Build Shenzhen [ArchDaily]