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Check Out a Gorgeous, Cleverly Revamped Airstream Trailer

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Airstream trailers may be all the rage—recreational vehicle company Thor Industries is producing five times as many this year than in 2009—but they are no designer's paradise. Just ask New York architect, Suchi Reddy, and the co-owner of her remodeled Airstream, designer Sara Meltzer. Two years ago, they bought a dilapidated Airstream, a 1978 Excella, from a seller on Craigslist. Their aim, says Reddy, was to turn it into it "a smart, comfortable space that you could take places."
Completed late last year, their "Dream Machine" has a jazzy exterior painted by artist Ryan McGinness. Inside, Reddy, renowned for making small spaces seem much larger, installed a full-sized bed, shower, and toilet, as well as a well-appointed kitchen. The bed platform, when raised, becomes the dining table.

Given the Airstream's curves, Reddy had to use the tiniest of tiles in the bathroom to cover the corners. In the main cabin, she chose wallpaper with graded color to give the illusion of more space, and she installed Corian for surfaces, such as countertops, because "it doesn't vibrate when you're on the road".

For the moment, the duo's firm, weR2, are taking their Dream Machine to art fairs and museums to showcase their design products. They are still looking for a buyer willing to take high-design on the road. Cost: only $100,000.

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