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The Kickstarter-Backed Turntable Station Wants to Solve Vinyl Fans' Space Issues

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DJs and music collectors may treat their dusty 45s and rare first-pressings like precious artifacts, but storing stacks upon stacks of vinyl and finding the right place for a record player often leads to compromises. Custom shelving and stands can often be cost prohibitive, leading many music fans to figure out ad-hoc solutions involving milk crates and IKEA shelves (the online fervor over the Swedish company's cancellation of the Expedit shelf last year, a go-to for LP storage, shows just how few good options exist).

The Turntable Station, a new Kickstarter-backed turntable stand and storage system developed by New York-based record store Turntable Lab and design/fabrication firm SITU Studio, wants to be the salvation for vinyl fans with spatial and storage issues. The custom designed shelf, now priced at $349 for backers, was made with a small footprint in mind and crafted from a dense wood fiber called MDF to take advantage of its vibration-dampening characteristics. You may still piss off the neighbors when you crank that Christopher Cross record, but at least the record won't slip.

"We've been in the turntable business for 15 years," says Peter Hahn, the owner of Turntable Lab. "If there was something similar, we'd know about it."

"Growing up, my parents had this console for their stereo with a glass door on the front," says Hahn. "I always loved how all the big 80s-style stereo components fit into it perfectly. At our storefront, we get daily requests for something like the Turntable Station, but we never had anything to recommend."

The main selling point for the audio furniture system, which can hold 100 records, is the array of custom features, such as shelf spacing and record stops, space for headphone and accessories, and "now-playing" grooves to hold (and show off) whatever's currently on rotation. The project and product represent a year of work by Turntable Lab and a team of designers, but it's poised for a fast turnaround. It's already far past its initial fundraising goal after little more than a week on the crowdfunding site, and the team already claims to have figured out delivery and logistics issues, according to Hahn, and is in contact with an Iowa manufacturer, meaning orders can start shipping in late October. Once the allotment on the Kickstarter page has been sold, a December shipment may be added, but after that, it's to be determined. Hahn also says the team is working on a series of record shelves that work as stand-alone storage or as a compliment to the console.

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