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The Slow Resurgence of the Rockaway Bungalow

Another season of beaches, boardwalks, and barbecues is now over in the historic bungalow courts of the Rockaways. Inside a dozen bungalow communities scattered across the peninsula, from Breezy Point to Far Rockaway, seasonal visitors are preparing to winterize their homes, while year-round residents are looking forward to a quiet fall. A few hundred bungalows and 16 blocks of wooden planks are all that remain from the early 20th century resort culture that once covered the Rockaways, when over 7,000 of these simple homes were built up to the very edge of a five-mile-long boardwalk. The bungalows here are still being slowly whittled away and, like Brooklyn's last few bungalow colonies, were badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy, which put an enormous strain on their already tenuous future. Unlike their neighbors in Brooklyn, however, many Queens bungalow residents say they are staying put, with no plans to move out or tear down their homes.

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