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This Shingled Tokyo House Was Built With Demolition in Mind

This pragmatic house in Tokyo was built as three independent parts, in the event one of its volumes has to be knocked down to make way for a road. House Cut, by local firm Starpilots, sits on a plot of land that is under consideration for the city's expansion plans, which includes paving new streets. So, the mixed-use residence (which also accommodates its owners' funeral business) was designed as three pitched-roof structures, each pitched at a slightly different angle. Clad in green shingles, they stand side by side—separate but connected—each with their own, individual entrances. The center volume recedes from the front, making space for a porch. A seemingly helter-skelter arrangement of windows on the house's facades actually serves to let light in at different angles at various times of the day. With such (surprisingly) lovely irregularity, the site's odd constraints certainly didn't stop the architects from being ingenious and having some fun.

Starpilots' shingle-clad Housecut in Tokyo was built to shrink in size [Inhabitat]