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Check Out a Gorgeous, Brawny Concrete House in Tel Aviv

This board-formed-concrete knockout in Tel Aviv—by local firm Pitsou Kedem—is a very mod dwelling for a family who wanted a modernist place to live that didn't skimp on the comforts we've all come to expect from "home." Inspired by midcentury modernism, the designers told Dezeen, (but also rocking a hybrid Miesian, Corbu vibe if we don't say so ourselves), the SB House rises two stories in a leafy residential neighb'. Clocking in at just about 5,500 square feet, the house's facades are punctuated by long, broad glass windows and sliding doors that open to the outdoors, providing a sense of levity that can be difficult to achieve in any concrete structure. Wooden slats on the street-facing facade help keep the interiors private, shaded from the sun, and well-ventilated, while also adding some visual intrigue. Inside, double-height interiors and an open floor plan help keep the spaces flexible and airy.

Pitsou Kedem uses board-marked concrete, glass and steel for Modernist-inspired home in Tel Aviv [Dezeen]