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This Steel Maze Is Like a Corn Maze, But So Much Scarier

Corn maze season is coming up. (If you live in, say, upstate New York, that is. We're not sure what the corn field situation is in other parts of the country. In Iowa, one assumes, it's corn maze season year round.) There's something thrilling and scary about corn mazes—maybe it's the association with crop circles, or with Halloween season, or the fact that the walls are permeable so that who-knows-what could slip through and surprise you. But it's always more of a fun-scary than a scary-scary. Even if a monster did come crashing through the walls of a corn maze, it would probably have a pumpkin for a head and offer you candy.

Not so with this former coal mine-maze in a small industrial town in Belgium. Look at that little kid up there. That is not the posture of a kid who is fun-scared. That is the posture of a kid who just realized he's lost in a 404-square-foot labyrinth made of 186 tons of steel.

· Escape a Massive Steel Maze in Belgium [Architectural Digest]