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See a Stunning NYC Apartment Hidden Inside a Water Tower

We've heard of water towers as art pieces, a hotel with a water tower-turned-bar, and even a speakeasy hidden inside a water tower. But New York magazine's latest Design Hunting issue goes inside something even better: a penthouse apartment built into the water tower of an Upper East Side building. The owners, Lili and Lee Siegelson, worked with Olson Kundig Architects to seamlessly convert two floors of the building—the tower space, which functions as the building's 18th floor, and the floor directly below it—into one dwelling big enough for the pair and their two children. While most of their living space is located on the 17th floor, the living room, kitchen, and a small office are all in the water tower itself. (It's also surrounded by a lush rooftop garden. Can you say dream apartment?)

Curbed NY has the full story. >>