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Karim Rashid: I'm Creating 3D Designs For a 2D World

Congratulations to the 38 percent who voted that Karim Rashid should be CNN Style's next guest editor in Curbed's recent poll. Rashid's first column went up today and he's commissioning a series of features that will be published throughout September. Quotable as ever, he writes about embracing the digital age and how he tries to never think about the past because he's afraid he might be influenced by it. Here are six of the most Karim Rashid-y quotes from the piece:

1. "Today, digital technology can add emotion and meaning to the flat dull world that modernism shaped."

2. "Credit cards are rectangular to fit into the 1.6 million ATM machines in the world. When I designed credit cards for Citi bank I desperately tried to change the form of the card but I was restricted by this condition."

3. "Let's not forget that the world we live in now was completely designed in 2D. I grew up in that world using a T-square, triangles and other obsolete design tools. Hence our built environments are a result of designing in 2D. Our world is mostly Cartesian, with grids controlling our lives."

4. "The new digital era has little to do with the past, hence our physical world needs to free itself of the past and become as autonomous as a microchip, as infinite as binary notation, as communicative as data, as colorful as our digital screens, and as customizable as our smart devices."

5. "I use the term 'Techno-organic' to refer to the coalescence of the organic amorphous natural world with our third technological revolution."

6. "The thing that people find most surprising about me is people come up to afterwards and say they didn't realize I'm so down to earth."
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