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Why Walk From Room to Room When You Can Crawl Through a Giant Convulsing Centipede?

We will never look at stairs, elevators, escalators, and...floors the same way after seeing these pictures of design collective Numen/For Use's installation at the Aut Architektur und Tirol in Austria, because now all we want to do is crawl from room to room and from floor to floor in "a closed hose that pulsates and oscillates ... channelling a giant convulsing centipede."

It looks like installing a giant convulsing centipede in your home means that you can't have a lot of other furniture pieces (or, possibly, any) since it involves so many elastic strings. But that's okay. We'll trade all our furniture for one of these.

· Tube net installation by Numen/For Use designed as a "giant convulsing centipede" [Dezeen]