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Check Out a Gorgeous Concrete Modernist House in Brazil

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This gorgeous concrete house comprises two modernist concrete boxes stacked atop one another, and a few key architectural elements that integrate the entire space beautifully, and designed by Sao Paulo based firm CR2 Arquitetura for a couple and their daughter. A double-height living room gives a sense of depth and openness to the plan. Indoor gardens bordered by glass sliding doors help provide lush greenery and natural light. A sculptural staircase connects the common living areas on the first floor with the private bedrooms and lounge area on the second. Concrete walls, granite flooring, bright and patterned contemporary furnishings, a latticed concrete wall—Cobogó, often seen in Brazilian architecture—makes a permeable division between the garage and garden; it all comes together like a charm.

CR2 arquitetura's garden house in são paulo forms a secluded retreat [Designboom]