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For All the Money, You Too Can Live Like a Nancy Meyers Character

Nancy Meyers, writer and director of such feature films/interior design pornos as The Holiday, It's Complicated, and Something's Gotta Give, just gave a rundown to One Kings Lane of all the furniture in her new movie, The Intern, in which Anne Hathaway plays a high-powered start-up founder. So, if you want to live like Anne Hathaway in a Nancy Meyers movie, just go ahead and spend all your money on all of this stuff (except you can't, because—surprise—most of it is already sold out). While The Intern looks like the kind of movie that you (and costar Robert De Niro) will probably watch by accident on a plane someday, the decor is sure to not disappoint.
· You Can Now Live the Dream and Buy Everything From Nancy Meyers' Latest Set [Slate]