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David and Gladys Wright House Submitted for Landmark Status

This might be an easy call. The organization seeking to turn the David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix into an educational and cultural center filed for historic landmark protection last week, seeking official status for a 6.1-acre site before following through with plans to open it to the public. The David & Gladys Wright House Foundation has been working to preserve this home in the Arcadia neighborhood, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his son and daughter-in-law and built in 1952. According to a previous report by the city's Historic Preservation Office from 2012, it's the "most significant work within the city of Phoenix by the most significant architect in American history."

If the building does obtain approval and gain Historic Landmark protection, the Foundation will then seek a special permit to open the house to the public for tours, educational programs and cultural events. The designation would provide preservationists with a nice ending to the long saga of this spiral residence, which at one point in 2012 was slated for demolition. Opening up the site in Arcadia, once lined with citrus groves and now an upscale part of Phoenix, has been the source of complaints from some neighbors, who are worried how a new attraction and tourists might disrupt the area.

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