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A.F. Heide's 1893 Seattle-Area Home a Model of Preservation

William F. Brown was an early Everett resident who is remembered for choosing to perverse an early settler's cabin rather than tear it down in the name of progress. His legacy is remembered with the William F. Brown Awards, handed out every year by the Everett Historical Commission to local examples of historic preservation. In 1997, the 1893-built four-bedroom at 2107 Rucker Avenue was awarded with a Brown Award and with good reason. This was the personal residence of A.F. Heide, one of Everett's architectural godfathers. Some serious upkeep has gone into the 3,798 square-foot home, which is now on the market asking $618K. Today, it's a blend of turn-of-the-century elegance and modern amenities. In 2013, the home was completely restored studs-out but the original woodwork was put back in afterward. The kitchen alone got $70K in upgrades. The attic catches our eye most with the stained-glass gates to the stairs and sitting nook down at the end. A great example of preservation and rebirth in a city trying to do the same.

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