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Sweeping Roof Drapes Over This Japanese House Like a Shawl

All photos by <a href="http://www.sasanokurasha.com/">Yohei Sasakura/Sasa No Kurasha</a> via <a href="http://www.dezeen.com/2015/09/21/shawl-house-ym-design-office-imabari-japan-sloped-roof/">Dezeen</a>
All photos by Yohei Sasakura/Sasa No Kurasha via Dezeen

Japanese firm Y+M Design office seems to have a knack for designing dramatic roofs that blanket the structure beneath. After devising this "Rain Shelter House" with a tarp-like canopy of folded steel, the studio has now unveiled the Shawl House, a C-shaped, two-story house with a sweeping steel-frame, timber-covered roof. "We designed the roof like a soft shawl, which gently covers the building to maintain their privacy," architect Hidemasa Yoshimoto tells Dezeen.

The eye-catching roof, which encloses a tea room, terrace and carport, also helps moderate extreme temperatures in the region, providing shade during summer and trapping warmth during winter. An open kitchen, dining and living space on the first floor and bedrooms on the second are all arranged to follow the curve of the structure. Consistent plywood cladding also helps tie together the interior spaces.

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