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Tour an Energy-Efficient Prefab House Built in Just Two Days

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Photos by Robert Gurney Architects via <a href="">Inhabitat.</a>
Photos by Robert Gurney Architects via Inhabitat.

We have seen our fair share of gorgeous, smartly designed prefab houses, but this two-story contemporary, designed by Washington, D.C. architect Robert Gurney, is quite something. It pulls of the impressive feat of retaining all the charms of prefab construction—modularity, simplicity—with all of the luxury of a custom-build house. Assembled in just two days, the Modular One encompasses 6,820 square feet and was constructed off site in two weeks, then assembled on the client's land. Features like broad windows and finishes like maple floors help elevate the dwelling beyond humdrum-prefab status to something a little more special.

Now, there are some who'll say that prefab construction is not inherently any less expensive than custom (and they're aren't wrong), but if you're going for speed, rather than taking the prefab route for some misguided sense that it alone will help you save money, this is one way to have your cake and eat it, too.

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