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This Stunning 'Chandelier' is Made of 10,000 Bic Pens

File this under "fascinating installations made of something completely ordinary:" Over at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, a concert hall in Amsterdam, a spectacular new canopy-like installation has been woven together from 10,000 Bic Cristal pens. Designed by Paris and Palestine-based architectural firm AAU Anastas for the International Association for Shell for the Spatial Structures symposium, the staggering work is soaked with commentary. Hanging from the ceiling, the humble ball point pens prompts viewers to consider art in everyday objects. Moreover, the piece calls into question how art and design practices can address waste and reuse.

"The time of endless growth and unlimited consumption is over," the designers explain on their website. "Recycling, reusing, and transforming are new ways to answer current demands of sustainability."

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