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These Gorgeous Townhouses Were Inspired by Rippling Water

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Called the Fairyland Guorui, this sprawling villa complex contains several rows of residences, sited on a plot where two rivers converge in a Beijing development. It's the work of Dutch firm UNSTUDIO, perhaps best known for giant infrastructural projects. The riverside boulevard mirrors in the slightly meandering rows in which the villas stand as well as the curved form of each structure. Clay-colored cladding on the facade—made of recycled stone—gives the whole structure a sense of movement reminiscent of rippling water. Each villa is slightly distinct from the next, but they share a common aesthetic that privileges balconies, windows, and terraces that frame views and let light in. There's concern for the pedestrian experience, here, too: With a car park confined to one area on the parcel, tree-lined boulevards and a park are free to be enjoyed by people on foot.

Fairyland Guorui / UNStudio [ArchDaily]