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Adjaye's "Ruby City" Museum Aims to Become San Antonio Cultural Hub

While his career is the focus of a massive museum retrospective at Chicago's Art Institute, British architect David Adjaye hasn't stopped designing new museums. Recently released renderings for the new home of the Linda Pace Foundation, a San Antonio-based contemporary arts organization, finds Adjaye envisioning a red clay-colored cultural center for the Texas city. When completed, the angular gallery space would become the centerpiece of a larger campus on the banks of San Pedro Creek, which the city wants to develop into a park.

The long-gestating project and design, which was inspired by a dream collector and foundation namesake Linda Pace had about a "ruby city" that she shared with the architect in 2007, was initially held up by the recession, but is now scheduled to break ground next year. Set at the corner of Camp and South Flores streets in the middle of a one-acre downtown park dedicated to Pace's son, who passed away in 1997, the two-story, 14,000-square-foot museum and exhibition space will display the foundation's collection of more than 800 contemporary artworks spanning painting, sculpture, and video. It's estimated to be completed in 2018 at a cost of $16 million.

The building will be clad in panels of crimson-colored precast concrete mixed with glass aggregate to provide a sparkling effect. A series of dramatic rooftops, inspired by the local missions, will allow light to filter into a series of gallery spaces with white walls and concrete floors.

"When I visited San Antonio in 2007, and met with Linda, we sketched out ideas and together," says Adjaye in a statement. "We envisioned a building that would resonate with her dream of the Ruby City. Like a city, the design offers an organic, heuristic encounter with the Foundation's works and my hope is that it will become a place where artists and the wider community can be inspired to realize their own dreams through a meaningful experience with contemporary art."

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