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This Field of Rocking Horses in Massachusetts Should Be a Bigger Deal

In the town of Lincoln, Massachusetts, there is a field where people keep mysteriously leaving old rocking horses (roughly 42, by the most recent count), and nobody really seems to care except for one elderly neighbor and a writer for the Boston Globe. Sure, there has been some interest—"a woman came out from Worcester to see them. It was great," Harold McAleer, the neighbor, told the Globe—but at the very least this should be a national landmark. It's just so weird. Instead, it's not even listed in the "Points of interest" section of the town's Wikipedia page. It doesn't even have a name. McAleer calls it "The Horsies," which, while adorable, doesn't quite capture the whole spirit of the thing. Or maybe it does—it's hard to tell what the spirit of this thing is, which is exactly what's so intriguing about it.
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