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New York Times Writer Wants to Ruin Everyone's Fun, Tells Us We Shouldn't Move to Mars

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Just as the Let's All Move to Mars movement is really starting to pick up steam, some big shot writer just had to come in and, like some lame buzzkill dad, publish an op-ed in the New York Times about why it's actually a bad idea. "Mars is a dead, cold, barren planet on which no living thing is known to have evolved," Ed Regis writes, no-fun-ly, continuing:

...and which harbors no breathable air or oxygen, no liquid water and no sources of food, nor conditions favorable for producing any. For these and other reasons it would be accurate to call Mars a veritable hell for living things, were it not for the fact that the planet's average surface temperature is minus 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Okay, fine, we get it. You're more responsible than our cool uncles Buzz Aldrin and Elon Musk. How about, as a compromise, we just build some of those space domiciles in Montana or somewhere?
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