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Aspen Skiing Co. Wants to Engage With the Community

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Aspen Skiing Co. has hired a longtime Aspen resident to fill the newly-created position of director of community engagement. In his new role, Michael Miracle, who most recently was the editor of Aspen Sojourner, will be Skico's public face in the community and the person charged with strengthening ties between the company and residents — and area where Skico Vice President of Sustainability Auden Schendler admitted there was "room for improvement."

When Miracle start Oct. 12, he will be tasked with making sure Skico is abreast of whatever rumblings are stirring out in the community, coordinating internally for engagement initiatives and doing the sort of listening, visiting, etc. that lends a personal touch to Skico's efforts.

While Schendler, who's the company's sustainability czar, will be supervising him, Miracle will be tasked with a whole lot more than his boss' environmental focus. According to the release heralding Miracle's hire, the Roaring Fork Valley is facing issues such as "employee housing, development challenges, transportation, immigration, to name just a few," and it's Miracle's job to focus on those.

Well, Curbed Ski readers, got any Skico grievances you'd like to air?

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