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London artist's upcycled furniture inspired by Nigerian proverbs

Designer Yinka Ilori's "If Chairs Could Talk" is on view during London Design Festival

Photos courtesy of The Shop at Bluebird
Photos courtesy of The Shop at Bluebird

The long, rich history of Nigerian oral storytelling has found a voice in these contemporary chairs by London-based artist and designer Yinka Ilori.

Ilori looked to stories from his childhood in Nigeria while designing this set of five chairs called "If Chairs Could Talk." In bright pop colors, bold patterns, and playful with forms, each chair is a kind of translation of a timeless parable, like, "Despite how long the neck of a giraffe is, it can't see the future."

Ilori's work is primarily upcycled, vintage furniture that is intended to bring new life to discarded, found objects. Produced by The Shop at Bluebird, a fashion and lifestyle store on London's Kings road, If Chairs Could Talk was launched to coincide with the London Design Festival, and is on display till end of November.

The artist, Yinka Ilori.

Yinka Ilori [Yinka Ilori]
London Design Festival 2015 [London Design Festival]